Spg in brief

Founded in 1957, SPG has always asserted itself as the favoured partner of leading industries.

Relying on its basic skills, (mecanics, welding, boilerwork, sheet metal work.) The company has acquired
throughout the years unique experience for the realization of complex ready-to-use units.

The company has also produced equipment for customers in extremely demanding fields: nuclear, space,
chemistry, oil chemistry, food processing industry...

As a result of these performances, the company has developed two poles of excellence,
specialized machines and tightness techniques under severe conditions.

For all important and complex projects, SPG desires to assert itself as a partner.

We are ready to become involved, as soon as the problem is defined by participating in the elaboration of
technical data (functional analysis) through research and by the creation of parts, sub-units and units, while also
providing the necessary electrical supplies and automatisms.


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